Friday, April 18, 2014

GUANO YOU CAN SEND TO GRAMMA (but only if she's cool with that sort of thing...)

NICKEL CREEK PERFORMING LIVE AT THE RYMAN AUDITORIUM IN NASHVILLE TONIGHT! (we couldn't ask for a better night to catch a show...)

          Ever wake up and remember something totally cool that's on the day's schedule?

           It's a rare day when my lovely (and dangerous) wife and I take in a concert in Nashville, but tonight's falling on a very rare day.  Good Friday couldn't get any "gooder" as far as we're concerned, 'cause we've got tickets to see Nickel Creek as they start their reunion tour after more than seven years off the road.

           My favorite niece (so far...) surprised us with tickets to the show, knowing how crazy I am about this very talented trio, and we can't wait to get this party started!

           Rather than deal with Nashville traffic after the show, we've gone ahead a booked a room within easy walking distance of the Ryman Auditorium, the mother church of Music City, and more than likely we'll leave the concert and stroll over to BB King's blues club on 2nd Avenue, or to the Blues and Boogie Bar in Printer's Alley for a complete change in musical genres.  Rooms were hard to find for the night, because some talentless buckethead named Miley Cyrus was supposed to be "performing" at the Bridgestone Arena across the street from the Ryman.  But she's canceled her show due to illness, which ought to keep a few thousand strange people off the streets...

           To anyone who's never been to Nashville, don't let the 'country music capital' moniker fool you.  There are more music venues in town than you'll be able to take in if you stayed all month, and country music is only a part of the attraction.  There are singer/songwriters playing all over this city that are more talented than anyone you're listening to on radio today, just hoping to catch a break.

           Despite all the ridicule I pour upon our state's politicians in Nashville, it really is a beautiful and friendly town to visit.  Hope you'll join us tonight at the Ryman!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

OMG...! When I was sixteen I had a dream about a machine JUST LIKE THIS ONE! (second only to Woody Allen's "Orgasmatron", in my book!)

 According to the article, a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado is going to feature a vending machine to help dispense the meds.
When I was a teenager, I dreamed of something like this, but never thought it would actually happen.
Now... if we can only get one of these!

"FREELOADER'S CATTLE CONFISCATED BY FEDS, TAXPAYERS' TO RECOUP LOSSES" (what the headlines might have read if the circumstances in Nevada were slightly different)

           So a millionaire ignores the government's warning to either move his cattle off of federal land or pay the taxes and penalties he owes for their grazing. Right wing militias swarm to his defense, and a tense standoff ensues. Faux News and other conservatives stoke up anti-government sentiment, and the guy becomes a "national hero" like Ted Nugent (sigh)... 

          Here's a thought test for anyone willing to give it a try: 

          What would the reaction from the right have been if this farmer had been a black man or an immigrant who refused to pay his share of taxes?

           My guess is they would call the guy a freeloader trying to rip off taxpayers by mooching off of federal lands, and they would have supported the government's confiscation of his property and cattle.

           I could be wrong, of course.  I'm not...  But I guess I could be.

           Here's the theme song for the movie they'll make about this drama...


Tuesday, April 15, 2014


          She speaks too quickly, but this is hilarious!